• IISD, Gurgaon, India



Skills and knowledge are the motivating forces for the economic and social development of any country. As India moves towards becoming a global knowledge-based economy, equipping its workforce with skills required for today's jobs and those of the future is a strategic concern for India's development outlook.

TITP was commenced in Japan in 1993 to contribute to developing countries by accepting people from these countries through on-the-job training (internship). The purpose was to promote international cooperation by transferring skills, techniques, and knowledge developed by technical interns in Japan to developing regions and contributing to the human resource development that will be the driving force behind the economic development.

Candidates training charges during the interns by the organization (breakup of total fees charged)- We are not charging any fees from the candidate. In our first project we are collaborating with the Government of Meghalaya wherein they are paying us the entire training and placement fees in certain instalments.

Future plan for Implementation:- We plan to increase our reach to the other north eastern states as there is high likelihood of acceptance of North eastern candidates in Japan due to similar looks, eating habits and culture.